Why MyLot is My Favorite Social Network

MyLot is a very Social Network

MyLot exists for discussions. Yes, people share photos, too, but only with some personal words and only one per discussion. People join MyLot to make friends or to talk to those on the network who are already friends. Some of those friends may also be friends in the real world, but most are  only virtual friends.

Why Would I Want to Talk to People I Don’t Know?

First, you can speak freely about things you might not want to talk to family and friends about. Many myLot members discuss family problems or other problems they might not want the people they see outside of the internet to be aware of.

For the first years I was on myLot my user name was unlike any other I used online and my real name did not show. I wanted to talk about things on my mind I did not necessarily want customers to see if they googled my name. After I retired from the business I started using my real name. It wouldn’t matter anymore if I had opinions my customers might not have agreed with.

There are many interesting people living where I’d never meet them except on myLot.  There I communicate with people from several different countries I’ve never visited. I learn a lot about their countries from them I’d never learn  from newscasts or online articles. I learn what their lives are really like and how they compare to mine. We see how much we have in common in spite of geographical and cultural differences.

What Do You Talk to Strangers About?

Whatever is on your mind. Maybe it’s the weather or your social life or your family. People talk about their travels, their gardens, their jobs, the anecdotes that reveal what their lives are like.  People vent when they are frustrated and celebrate when they accomplish something. In other words, they  talk to each other as friends  do in the real world.

Many people live alone or don’t have an active social life anymore. They know that there is always someone at myLot they can talk to. MyLot friends live in every time zone. MyLot friends don’t remain strangers long. You soon find you know many of them better than those Facebook friends you haven’t seen since high school.

Why MyLot is My Favorite Social Network

MyLot Friends Really Do Begin to Care about Each Other

On myLot many people have been friends for years. They have developed many friendships in common. So if someone seems to have disappeared, many people do care and try to find out what happened any way they can.

We have a popular person in her nineties who lives in a retirement home. She recently was suddenly MIA.  MyLot is her bridge to the outside world. She normally posted several times a day, so her absence was obvious. Naturally we were concerned. But one person is in touch with her son and lets us know anything she learns. We all care.

I have never met a troll or a mean person on myLot. If one shows up, it gets reported and the troll is gone. Spammers also disappear fast.

When someone  goes through a tough time or has a problem to solve, they can feel  free to share it and be sure they will get support from their friends. Some  continue conversations privately through the private messaging provided.

How Does myLot Work?

Sign Up

 MyLot is free. All all you have to do is sign up and make a simple profile. Choose a username and a display name.  Upload your avatar. To help people who may want to follow you, include your country or city and state. Your age will also show. If you wish,  add a slogan or statement that tells something about you. You may also add a link to your website or other social profile.  When finished, you are ready to participate. Here’s my profile.

Why MyLot is My Favorite Social Network
My MyLot Profile


Post Your First Discussion

This should be an introduction that lets people know where you’re from, what you’re interested in, and any facts about yourself that would help people to see what they may have in common with you. This will also give them an idea of your writing style.

Let your personality show.  Do not post any referral or promotional links because they are against the guidelines. MyLot is for discussion, not promotion. Word count doesn’t matter in either discussions or comments. Write as you would talk to friends.

This first discussion will help you make friends. If you comment on other discussions and people like your comments, they will check your profile. They will probably go right to your posts to see what you’ve written and which discussions you have commented on. If they like what they see they will follow you. People are very friendly and always want more people to interact with.

Tip: When you post to myLot, remember your post is for stimulating discussion  rather than just conveying information as you might in a blog post. I try to end every post with at least one question that will encourage commenting. Answer every comment as quickly as you can.

Why MyLot is My Favorite Social Network
Meet People and Start Talking

How Do I Meet People and Get Talking?

First, go to the top of the page and let your mouse  hover over EXPLORE.  (See profile photo above.) You will see a drop down menu. Click any option that looks interesting and dive in wherever you wish.

The best way to meet people is to find a discussion that looks interesting and join in. Don’t be shy! Members expect and welcome people they haven’t met yet who join in. It increases their income when people participate in their discussions. (Yes, you can earn money on myLot. Keep reading.)

When you are commenting on a discussion, be sure to read it carefully and also read the other comments. Then make a relevant and intelligent comment yourself.  Those who don’t know you yet will check your profile if they like your comment and then they will be likely to follow you.

It’s OK to also comment on the comments others make, just as you would in a group conversation. Every MyLot discussion is meant to be a group conversation. The threaded commenting format makes such conversations easy.

Be sure to follow the author of a post you like and the people who make interesting comments on that post. You are sure to find people who share some of your interests. The more active you are, the faster you will make friends — as long as you follow the myLot guidelines.

Did You Say I Can Earn Money at MyLot?


Why MyLot is My Favorite Social Network
How to Earn Money at MyLot

Yes, you can earn a few pennies on myLot. As you participate regularly pennies will collect in your account and when you’ve collected $5, you will get paid before the 15th of  the next month.  Learn how to earn money on myLot.

Unlike many online sites, such as Virily,  that pay its members to participate, myLot doesn’t list specific actions they pay for.  You don’t get paid a set amount for each post or comment you make. But the more active you are and the more you inspire others to comment on your posts, the more pennies you will collect. The more you enjoy interacting and the less you  think about how much you may be earning, the more you will probably earn. The amount you have earned always shows at the top of your profile.

Many sites that have disappeared, such as Bubblews,  have specified how much they would pay for each member action. They could not earn enough to pay what they promised, so they stopped paying completely and then disappeared shortly after that. Read how myLot compares to some of those now dead sites.

Will MyLot Help a Writer or Blogger?

It will indirectly help a writer or blogger to participate on myLot. Though you can’t directly promote your work, you can meet many more people who may also want to follow you on other social networks where you do promote your work.  You will gain some name recognition if you are an author or blogger. You can also put a link to your blog or your Facebook page in your myLot profile.

I find myLot most useful for finding ideas, researching what people think about various topics, and just relaxing. Many members have also helped me with technical issues or just provided a listening ear when I needed it.  You will meet students in other countries who are practicing their English. You will meet writers, musicians, artists, young mothers, widowed folk, the rich and the poor. You’ll meet gamers and people who would rather read. You will meet people from all walks of life and from many religions and with many different political views.

I regularly interact with friends from China, India, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Philippines, and many other countries. But I also communicate with those Americans who live in my own city, the rest of California, and in other states. Being an active member of myLot enables me to keep my finger on the pulse of ordinary people in the international community and in my own country.

Have you joined myLot yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Meet me at myLot.

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix

Mix is the Curation Site Replacement for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon will be gone in June. Its replacement is Mix. Garrett  Camp, co-founder of StumbleUpon, explains the decision to transition StumbleUpon accounts to Mix. I joined Mix this week and I’m enthusiastic about the new curation site. Thank you, Janice Wald, for telling me about Mix.


Here’s Why I Love Mix

  • It’s much easier to use than StumbleUpon
  • The interface is clean and intuitive
  • You can use it on either a desktop or mobile device
  • It has easy-to-use browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • It’s easy to organize the posts you curate
  • You can follow people and collections
  • You can share your own work

Mix is almost like a cross between Pinterest and Flip. You create thematic collections of posts as you do boards on the other sites. The collection on Mix is called a Mix. You currently can create as many as you need.

Here’s How Mix Works

Join and Create a Profile

To join Mix you need to already have an account at Facebook, Twitter, or Google. You will need that to sign in.  Once in, choose a username and provide the bit of information requested. Immediately you will get to choose your first three interests and some friends. There are more detailed instructions with screenshots on the site support page.

Here’s my profile. You can see how simple it is. You probably have an avatar in your files already. Add a bit of a bio to display your interests and you’re almost done. (I added frames to the screenshots from Mix so they would show up better on this page.)

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix, the replacement for StumbleUpon
My Mix Profile

Populate Your Profile with Posts

Be strategic. This is a good place to put posts about your interests so you can find them. I think it’s more convenient than bookmarking, since when you click on a post preview you’ve saved it takes you directly to the entire post. Unlike StumbleUpon, the posts you save aren’t framed into the site. When you get to the site you can comment directly if you wish or link or share directly to social media.

Can I Share my Own Posts?

It appears you can share posts from your own sites. Many bloggers have gathered their best posts from their blogs into a collection named after their blog. I prefer to scatter my own content around, interspersed with content others have posted. Do what works best for you. I do think it’s not a good idea to share only your own content.  I would suggest you only share your most attractive or useful content.

My Posting Strategy

I combine following and sharing posts from other people.  First I find a  few people I want to follow from those suggested or who wrote posts I really liked. (I use the search to find the author profiles.) I look at the rest of the articles posted by someone I might want to follow to see what we have in common. If our interests are similar and that person is posting quality content, I will follow and share one of two of the posts from the profile or follow a collection.

I also look to see who that person is following and see if I want to follow any of them myself. As I dig into those profiles I often discover some real treasures I would not have found otherwise. I post some of them to other social media sites after I add them to my collections.

Adding Posts to Your Collections Is Easy

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix
The Simple Mix Interface for Adding Content

The Mix interface for adding posts is very simple. Find the post you want to add from the suggestions or as you browse other sites.  You get to the interface by clicking the + on a suggested post or by clicking the icon in your browser bar if you installed the Mix extension.

At the top is the post you want to share. The dropdown contains the names  of collections Mix suggests at the top and all the names of the collections you have created under those. You can just check the box next to the collection you want to put your post in and click DONE at the bottom. You can put a post in more than one collection. I like that feature, since many posts really deal with more than just one topic.

Caution: Mix may suggest a collection with a name similar to the name of a collection you created. Before you check that box for the collection, be sure you didn’t mean it to go in one of your already created collections. I had that happen. You can delete the collection, but anything it contains will go into the default GENERAL collection. 

If you’d rather create a new collection, type the collection name in the space provided under the post title.  After you do that,  a SAVE button will appear on the right. Don’t forget to click it before you click on DONE. When you click it, the new category you created will appear on the category list beneath so you can click the box. If you don’t do that, you will wonder why neither your post nor your category gets added. Please don’t ask how I know that.

Be careful what you add to Mix.

Be Careful What You Add

Once you add a post you cannot remove it. I am being very cautious about adding posts from sites that may only live a short time. The newer the site, the more careful I would be. Many of the new writing communities that haven’t yet been around for three full years could die any day. We don’t want profiles full of dead links we can’t remove. You are probably better off to add posts only from sites with a long history, unless you own them and intend to keep them alive for a long time.

How Mix Can Help Bloggers and Website Owners

Mix Can Increase Your Traffic

In the past I’ve promoted my blog posts primarily on Twitter and in Facebook groups. I’ve also Flipped them on Flipboard and pinned them on Pinterest. My blogging friends have done the same thing. All of us hop from group to group and site to site sharing links with hopes our friends will visit.

I’m hoping  more of my blogging friends will join Mix soon because on Mix we can share all our best links in one place where they can live for a long time. Twitter posts are gone in a flash. Many Facebook groups are limited to sharing from one site or only let you post new or recently updated content. Not all your friends belong to the same groups, so to reach them all, you have to share the same link in many different groups.

Mix Can Organize All the Content that Interests You for Easy Access

Most of my friends write on more than one site. They may have more than one blog and also post on sites like HubPages that have many content authors. Several of these friends joined Mix this week and have shared work I’ve never seen before, even though we’ve been sharing links with each other for years. I’m collecting all those posts I want to refer to later in my Mix collections so I won’t lose them. I’ve also discovered many new sources for content I’ve never visited before, so I’m giving them additional traffic.

I see how useful Mix can be in researching topics I want to write about. I can have a collection for each topic I am researching. That way I won’t have to chase Google and Pinterest so much, but will already have plenty of reliable information waiting in a Mix collection.

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix.com now that StumbleUpon is Closing

Why not join Mix today?

How do you plan to use it?