Persona Paper Still Alive but in Transition

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Update: Persona Paper is in transition. It will soon be under new administration. Currently there is doubt as to whether it will become a revenue sharing site again.  Most of this post is now historical. 


I am a pioneer of sorts when it comes to exploring start-up sites. I often sign up for new social networks that show promise, but they don’t always live up to the promises.  The  owner of Zurker, who had hoped to create the new Facebook, got discouraged and closed his site. Scrazzle,  which wants to be the new Twitter, still survives.  Someone built each of these social networks, hoping people would come. Not enough did come to make Zurker successful. It appears Scrazzle is struggling, even though it has possibilities There’s a lot to like there but I keep forgetting to go there. I notice a many self-pubished writers are there.

Now I’m pioneering again. I have discovered a fairly new community of content writers and bloggers who like to post short (or long) articles or observations and earn a few pennies as others read them. Content providers aren’t earning much yet, but I have a feeling this site will grow.  This new site is Persona Paper. There’s a lot to love about it.

Like many content writers, I have been discouraged about writing at Squidoo  (now sold out to HubPages) and Bubblews lately.  Bubblews’ new format change has broken at least half my posts by removing all but one photo from my photo essays.  The best writers at Bubblews,  the ones who used the extra content boxes that made photo essays possible, were hit the hardest, since everything in those boxes disappeared overnight in the new update to the site’s format.  (July, 2014) As of January, 2015, Bubblews is paying almost nothing, when it decides to pay at all.

Persona Paper, however is strong where Bubblews has been weak. The post I referenced above talks about those strengths. I see many other frustrated Bubblers discovered Persona Paper before I did. We all love it there. There is a special sense of community when a site is new. Persona Paper members have that pioneering spirit, the owners are responsive to member needs, and the writing editor is wonderful. I can again write photo essays without having to stuff my articles with polls (though I can post one there), videos, maps, etc.  We just write, link and illustrate with photos we have the right to use. We get to post our work without having to post a lot that came from somewhere else.

Many are most curious about the money to be made. Right now, not much. I speak after only two days of being approved to post. (Yes, your first post is sent with your application to join. It is  read by a human to make sure you can write like a literate person in English.  That’s true no matter how fat your writing portfolio is, whether you’ve won writing contests, whether you are published, whether you are a former Giant Squid.)

So far I have published six articles at Persona Paper. I have been there since Sunday night, commenting and getting acquainted. I have so far only sixteen followers and have made twenty cents. I cannot use any affiliate links in posts there. But thoughtful comments I make on the posts of others earn me a little. And I get twice as much as that if someone views my post.

As I post more and acquire more followers, I expect to increase my earnings to at least what HubPages is paying me, and I won’t have to wait until I accumulate $50 to get my earnings. Persona Paper will pay after I reach $20.  If you want to connect to some great people and are willing to support a new site and let your earnings grow with it, please join with my referral link and start looking around while you wait for posting privileges. You will only need to have the first post approved unless you do something you shouldn’t.  Update: I have corrected this with information  about recent changes at I Received My First Persona Paper Payment Today.


I am not very active on HubPages these days because I’m so busy on other sites making corrections. and editing.  That’s why I’m thankful for anything they currently give me, which so far this week has averaged 41 cents a day.   I have only 90 hubs, and nine of them are snoozing, waiting for more activity to become visible to Google again. But at least a direct link will result in a visitor not being turned away.   I still l love HubPages as a writing platform when I want to write serious content and need their bells and whistles and want to use a referral link.

If you enjoy writing and have time to socialize with others who like to write content, or even books,  Persona Paper is for you. I urge you to join and help build a site which may someday pay you back for your efforts. You will be in good company, make new writing friends, and gradually earn some dollars you won’t get by doing your socializing on Facebook.  It only takes 500 characters to make a post (not counting spaces and punctuation.) Spammers don’t survive there, and those who only come to try to scam the system will never be seen. It’s a refreshing change from Bubblews in that respect. Best of all, the owners have shown that they respect the writers by keeping communication open, taking suggestions seriously, and creating a great platform.

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11 thoughts on “Persona Paper Still Alive but in Transition”

    1. Thanks for sharing this on your site, Marsha. I’m sorry you’re not ready to try this yet. Earnings are rising on Persona Paper, but going down on Bubblews and HubPages. See my latest post on this.

  1. I’ve not heard much about Persona Paper but find it something I need to investigate further, thank you.

    Just so you know… I followed your link from Marsha’s Spot writers linkup!

    1. Thanks for coming by Ruth. I just updated my statistics for all my sites in my latest post here.

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  3. Hi Barb, thanks for the referral. I signed up and am waiting for approval. However, I changed my nickname… trying to separate myself from Bubblews and other sites – basically starting fresh in a new place 🙂

    1. Then you must be Boomerang. Thank you. I see you did get approved. I hope you’ll write some more soon.

  4. Barb can you help me to understand where all of this is going? (that is social media and content sites) Squidoo obviously wants to reach those who search for certain topics and there revenue is generated by advertising to the readers from the search engine. That makes sense. Bubblews wants to advertise to the readers and bubblers who are interacting with each other: that makes sense for their platform.

    But how do you determine if you should be writing articles for the search engine and for other readers(like on bubblews and those type of sites) Wouldn’t it be difficult to write both informational articles for SEO and at the same time write informal stuff to other readers.

    As a writer, is this confusing?

    As a person researching from the search engine, couldn’t it be confusing if the writer has maybe only a few articles on your topic, but then they have comments that appeal to others on the site(as in the case with sites like bubblews)

    In other words, should you, as a writer, decide what your niche is and who you want to write for? Or should you do a mix.

    I guess it seems difficult because I wonder if the content sites have reached critical mass. When I see content sites like squidoo and hubs suffering( Panda) I wonder if it is because google doesn’t know if it wants to reward “pure content” or “information with a strong social presence”.

    What’s your take on all of this? And how do you decide what to write on different types of site?

    1. Looks like I’ll have to write a new post to respond to all of that. By now you probably know that Squidoo announces that it’s closing and transferring featured lenses to HubPages. I’ll try to get a new post up to answer your questions as soon as I can.

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