Are You Pregnant with a Book?

A Writer in Search of a Book Idea

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I’ve been following the pages of other book reviewers who blog, and I came across a review of Derek’s Revenge by Mac Black written by Rosie Amber.  I haven’t read the book, but her review begins like this: “Derek Toozlethwaite is a journalist in Newingsworth who is trying to write a book. So far he has failed to find a suitable subject for his book….”

Many of us would dearly love to write a book. More and more people are actually doing it now that they can self publish. Some of these people have a book inside them screaming to be written, and those writers live inside their books long before they enter them onto their keyboards. Their books nag them until they are written

Others, like Derek, know they want to write a book, but they have no idea what sort of book they will write. Perhaps I’m waiting for a book to rise up within me and demand to be written, but as yet it hasn’t. I can’t imagine writing any other way, because I need passion to write. I simply know my book, if it ever happens, will be nonfiction. I suspect it will have to do with nature, possibly of a devotional nature.  I feel the faintest stirring, but for now blogging and writing on content sites satisfies my writing urge. I have a long way to go to develop my craft so it will be ready if or when I become pregnant with a book.

Which type of writer are you? One who wants to write and goes looking for book ideas? Or one who is impelled to write a book which is already lurking in your mind and trying to take over? Or is there another way to approach book writing I haven’t considered?



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4 thoughts on “A Writer in Search of a Book Idea”

  1. I guess I’m pre-pregnant if there is such a thing…LOL. I have so many ideas swimming around in me. One of them will become a baby book one day.

  2. Thank you for the mention. Derek does find his muse within the pages of this third book in the Derek series. He discovers a rock band began in his very town, one which went on to find fame in America, and Derek writes up their story.
    My best advice to anyone wanting to write, is to read , read and read some more. Mentally dissect books, find genres you like, discover styles that work for you. Check out new writers and compare them to established ones. One day your idea will hit you like a light-bulb moment and you will have the tools to begin your book.
    Good Luck and happy reading!

    1. That is very wise advice. I tend to read too fast and too much all at once. When I’m involved with a book I want to speed through to the end. I started a notebook today to copy portions of books worth reading slowly for what they can teach me about writing. The first I’m using for this purpose is Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I need to learn to observe as thoroughly as she does. I’m looking for interesting words and phrases to analyze to see why they work so well.

      I’m also reading more blogs to see how other bloggers organize their sites, themes, and content. One can learn a lot from others.

    2. Thanks for your advice. Sorry I didn’t see my comments as soon as they were posted. I will have to be more diligent about that.

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