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Mix is the Curation Site Replacement for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon will be gone in June. Its replacement is Mix. Garrett  Camp, co-founder of StumbleUpon, explains the decision to transition StumbleUpon accounts to Mix. I joined Mix this week and I’m enthusiastic about the new curation site. Thank you, Janice Wald, for telling me about Mix.


Here’s Why I Love Mix

  • It’s much easier to use than StumbleUpon
  • The interface is clean and intuitive
  • You can use it on either a desktop or mobile device
  • It has easy-to-use browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • It’s easy to organize the posts you curate
  • You can follow people and collections
  • You can share your own work

Mix is almost like a cross between Pinterest and Flip. You create thematic collections of posts as you do boards on the other sites. The collection on Mix is called a Mix. You currently can create as many as you need.

Here’s How Mix Works

Join and Create a Profile

To join Mix you need to already have an account at Facebook, Twitter, or Google. You will need that to sign in.  Once in, choose a username and provide the bit of information requested. Immediately you will get to choose your first three interests and some friends. There are more detailed instructions with screenshots on the site support page.

Here’s my profile. You can see how simple it is. You probably have an avatar in your files already. Add a bit of a bio to display your interests and you’re almost done. (I added frames to the screenshots from Mix so they would show up better on this page.)

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix, the replacement for StumbleUpon
My Mix Profile

Populate Your Profile with Posts

Be strategic. This is a good place to put posts about your interests so you can find them. I think it’s more convenient than bookmarking, since when you click on a post preview you’ve saved it takes you directly to the entire post. Unlike StumbleUpon, the posts you save aren’t framed into the site. When you get to the site you can comment directly if you wish or link or share directly to social media.

Can I Share my Own Posts?

It appears you can share posts from your own sites. Many bloggers have gathered their best posts from their blogs into a collection named after their blog. I prefer to scatter my own content around, interspersed with content others have posted. Do what works best for you. I do think it’s not a good idea to share only your own content.  I would suggest you only share your most attractive or useful content.

My Posting Strategy

I combine following and sharing posts from other people.  First I find a  few people I want to follow from those suggested or who wrote posts I really liked. (I use the search to find the author profiles.) I look at the rest of the articles posted by someone I might want to follow to see what we have in common. If our interests are similar and that person is posting quality content, I will follow and share one of two of the posts from the profile or follow a collection.

I also look to see who that person is following and see if I want to follow any of them myself. As I dig into those profiles I often discover some real treasures I would not have found otherwise. I post some of them to other social media sites after I add them to my collections.

Adding Posts to Your Collections Is Easy

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix
The Simple Mix Interface for Adding Content

The Mix interface for adding posts is very simple. Find the post you want to add from the suggestions or as you browse other sites.  You get to the interface by clicking the + on a suggested post or by clicking the icon in your browser bar if you installed the Mix extension.

At the top is the post you want to share. The dropdown contains the names  of collections Mix suggests at the top and all the names of the collections you have created under those. You can just check the box next to the collection you want to put your post in and click DONE at the bottom. You can put a post in more than one collection. I like that feature, since many posts really deal with more than just one topic.

Caution: Mix may suggest a collection with a name similar to the name of a collection you created. Before you check that box for the collection, be sure you didn’t mean it to go in one of your already created collections. I had that happen. You can delete the collection, but anything it contains will go into the default GENERAL collection. 

If you’d rather create a new collection, type the collection name in the space provided under the post title.  After you do that,  a SAVE button will appear on the right. Don’t forget to click it before you click on DONE. When you click it, the new category you created will appear on the category list beneath so you can click the box. If you don’t do that, you will wonder why neither your post nor your category gets added. Please don’t ask how I know that.

Be careful what you add to Mix.

Be Careful What You Add

Once you add a post you cannot remove it. I am being very cautious about adding posts from sites that may only live a short time. The newer the site, the more careful I would be. Many of the new writing communities that haven’t yet been around for three full years could die any day. We don’t want profiles full of dead links we can’t remove. You are probably better off to add posts only from sites with a long history, unless you own them and intend to keep them alive for a long time.

How Mix Can Help Bloggers and Website Owners

Mix Can Increase Your Traffic

In the past I’ve promoted my blog posts primarily on Twitter and in Facebook groups. I’ve also Flipped them on Flipboard and pinned them on Pinterest. My blogging friends have done the same thing. All of us hop from group to group and site to site sharing links with hopes our friends will visit.

I’m hoping  more of my blogging friends will join Mix soon because on Mix we can share all our best links in one place where they can live for a long time. Twitter posts are gone in a flash. Many Facebook groups are limited to sharing from one site or only let you post new or recently updated content. Not all your friends belong to the same groups, so to reach them all, you have to share the same link in many different groups.

Mix Can Organize All the Content that Interests You for Easy Access

Most of my friends write on more than one site. They may have more than one blog and also post on sites like HubPages that have many content authors. Several of these friends joined Mix this week and have shared work I’ve never seen before, even though we’ve been sharing links with each other for years. I’m collecting all those posts I want to refer to later in my Mix collections so I won’t lose them. I’ve also discovered many new sources for content I’ve never visited before, so I’m giving them additional traffic.

I see how useful Mix can be in researching topics I want to write about. I can have a collection for each topic I am researching. That way I won’t have to chase Google and Pinterest so much, but will already have plenty of reliable information waiting in a Mix collection.

Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix.com now that StumbleUpon is Closing

Why not join Mix today?

How do you plan to use it?

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18 thoughts on “Curate Your Favorite Content at Mix”

    1. I think it’s a very good alternative. The interface is much easier to use.

  1. That’s good to know. I guess I’ll have to pay Mix a visit and see whether it’s the right site for me. So many sites, so little time…

    1. Mix seems to fit the way I work. I see a preview on Mix and check it out. If I like it, it’s easy to schedule share to other social media while I’m thinking about it.Then I add it to my Mix collection. I can then use my collections as references when I’m doing research for articles and blog posts. Anything I like I can add directly to Mix and I’ll never run out of things I want to share in other places. I have been sorting through Twitter feeds and email blog subscription notifications and Facebook groups to find things I want to share. I don’t have time to post links to several Facebook groups a week. I’m finding lots of new sources on Mix. I still like Twitter for some things, but I really do love Mix. Facebook is so bloated now I hate to go there, but I can’t get my friends to move to myLot.

    1. Janice, I like the way all the post previews are the same size and shape on Mix. On Flipboard images disappear from previews and shapes of previews change to vary the layout. Flip is more like a magazine in layout. I think Mix just has a cleaner look. Both sites are easy to use. I just don’t like losing my photo from the preview, since the photo is often what makes people click.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Great review. I am also getting confused between lists I’ve created like social media and the generic social media list.

    1. Janice, I wish they would stop with the suggestions. Perhaps they’d like us to have consistent collections names to make it easier to make post suggestions.

  3. I wanted to let you know that I found a way to delete posts. Go to your profile. Find the post and click on the check mark in the lower right hand corner.

    The collection box will come up. Click on the check mark for the collection you put the post in. This will “uncheck” it and remove it from the collection and your profile.

  4. Thanks for this information! I didn’t realize post can’t be deleted. I’ll be cautious in the future.

    I’ve always felt Pinterest wasn’t the best place for written content. Flip is awesome, but it doens’t seem like many people use it. This is a nice blend of the two.

    I’ll add my own tip. Be cautious of how many interests you select in the beginning (the ones Mix recommends). Start with a couple. I ended up with many things in my feed that I’m really not that interested in.

    1. I like your tip. I only chose the three I had to choose. I actually wish they would stop suggesting collection titles because they confuse me. I wish they would let us arrange our titles in alphabetical order. I have been using Flip a lot, and I agree about Pinterest.

      I just saw your comment on deleting, too. I’ll have to try that. Thanks.

    1. Stumbleupon will be disappearing soon, so unless you transfer your account, you may lose what’s there. I believe you can transfer your profile information and favorites, but not your followers. I didn’t transfer, so I’m not quite sure how you do it. I think it may tell you on Stumbleupon. I actually thought that starting from scratch might be good.

  5. The fact that Mix is a StumbleUpon replacement worries me. I gave up posting at StumbleUpon a long time ago because the site wouldn’t accept links from Blogspot and my Blogspot blogs are the only sites I’ve really been posting at lately.

    1. I hear you. But I’ve been able to post Review This! (hosted on Blogger) links and links to my two Blogger-hosted blog on Mix. I can’t remember the one site I could not post links to. I have been able to post links to HubPages there.

  6. Glad to have this information about Mix, Barbara. I joined because of your encouragement in another group we are in together. 🙂 Thanks for telling me about the save button. I think I ‘forgot’ to do that on one addition because it later disappeared and I didn’t know why. 🙂 See you over at Mix!

    1. I’ve followed you there. Do you agree it’s easier to use than StumbleUpon?

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