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What Happened to BlogJob?

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What is BlogJob?

BlogJob is a social networking community. One can make friends, socialize, and discuss important topics with no minimum number of characters required. These discussions can take place in groups and in forums, as well as on  one’s wall.

Pro and Cons of BlogJob

BlogJob is more user-friendly than Facebook and tsu, though loyal fans of either of those sites will probably stay put even if they also join BlogJob. Facebook still offers groups I would not want to leave because they are important in my writing promotion. And, of course, family members and old friends aren’t likely to leave Facebook either. BlogJob is more of a blog host and networking community for Bloggers.

When I joined Blogjob last year, I thought it was a great place for new bloggers to start. One can write multiple blogs there with a WordPress interface. Bloggers can choose between hundreds of themes and customize them. One can use affiliate links with no problem, as well. There is an interface for putting ads on your blogs to monetize them.

There are some limitations on using third-party interfaces such as Easy Product Display and Amazon Native Ads. They just don’t work because of underlying coding problems. You don’t find out about the missing functions a WordPress user is used to until your site is built and you try to use them.

New bloggers used to be able to earn reward points  that could later be redeemed for gift cards or money in one’s PayPal account for each blog post. Those points combined with those one earned for the networking and commenting one does in the site’s walls, groups, and forums. *

Review of

One knew that if one went to the trouble to make a 300-word minimum blog post, it wouldn’t be wasted effort because one could get at least a small financial reward. Not only that, because Blogjob is a community, your new blog, even now,  is likely to get visitors, comments, and even some help with promotion on social media if you did a good job.

Unfortunately many decided to put a lot of their writing eggs into the Blogjob basket and cut out some productive work on other sites.

Review of
Don’t put all your eggs in one writing basket. © B. Radisavljevic


I would not advise putting all your eggs into the Blogjob basket. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, this is probably not the host you should use for your main source of livelihood. If blogging for a living is your goal, see Why It’s Important for Affiliate Marketers  to Self-Host WordPress Sites.

I no longer recommend joining BlogJob, even if they open membership again. The site is now in flux and reward points have been “temporarily suspended.” Any money you make will have to come from monetizing your own blogs. As I write this today, I get error messages when I try to read posts my friends have shared — blogs hosted on BlogJob.  Many technical issues will have to be sorted out before the site is reliable again for blogging and promotion.

It appears many people are being patient, hoping the site will once again be what it was or better. I’m not holding my breath. Yes, I hope the site will solve its problems and recover, since it was important source of income for many who were close to  a payment threshold.

The administration said it will be paying those who have earned the required number of points. Some report they received their payments. Most are convinced the administration is honest and appreciate his telling them upfront what is happening. I tend to agree that he’s doing what he can to solve the problems . The question is still whether that will be enough and whether the site will generate enough  to bring advertisers back. 

Important Updates

Update March 1, 2019: The site is still up, but I’m no longer a member. I’m in the process of moving my work to other sites. I see many of my friends are still active there, so I guess they are finding a good reason to stay. I have moved on to Medium.Please check my profile there. I expect to write a new post evaluating my experience at Medium soon.

*Update May 5, 2016As of May 4, 2016, the rewards system has been “temporarily suspended.” Members can continue to blog and interact, but will not be earning any more points until the site owner manages to fix some problems on the site. Members should still be able to redeem points earned if they have enough to qualify for redemption. Many voices in the forums say they will leave their work there and carry on as usual. Some are taking a wait and see attitude. Some are leaving. Membership is closed again.

The administration says the site migration to a new server killed traffic and he is trying to test various plugins to see if they are having an adverse effect on traffic and resources. He is hoping to get things, fixed, restore traffic to produce income, and start giving points again some time when all this is settled.

Update May 3, 2016: There is an application process in place now, and there is no guarantee of acceptance. Be aware that some people who have been accepted have received emails within 24 hours that their memberships have been declined.

An unwritten policy seems to be that you need to fill out a complete profile, including the bio part at the bottom of the edit profile page, right away and start a site or post to forums to let the administration know you are serious about adding content. If you have written for other sites with a good reputation, be sure to include that in your profile and link to any blog you might currently have elsewhere as your website. They want to know you are a writer, not just someone who wants to earn points by collecting friends and joining groups without adding valuable content to the site.


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10 thoughts on “What Happened to BlogJob?”

  1. I am going to continue on BlogJob, but I have other sites as well. I am a serious writer for I have published a few new articles on my sites there since I have finished the final doctoral course and I will write till my probable internship starts.

    1. I guess it’s everyone’s individual decision as to what the best way to work is. I still have five blogs on Blogjob, but after reading the article that inspired the post I’m about to write, I still believe self-hosting is best over the long run. Be sure to keep your sites on BlogJob backed up.

  2. There is definitely a LOVE-LOVE relationship going on between me and BlogJob right now. How long will it last? Uuuhh … probably until the site gets shut down or I depart this life. I’ve already accepted that I’m going to be working until I die. This is a nice community. My only gripe is that the site is constantly down for “maintenance”. Other than that, it’s all good.

  3. If you decide to go it independently and set up your own domain name blog don’t forget to ask me for the best value we can offer – as well as blogging about living off-grid I also offer green web hosting and we offer domains as well 🙂

    1. I”ve got about all the domains I can handle right now, but I will leave your comment up for others to see.

  4. Barb is Blogjob still closed to new members as on 1/27/2016? Have you heard anything else about this. I’m asking as I had thought about joining.

    1. I’m afraid it is still closed. I would love to see it open up again, but it may be a while. I will announce it here if it opens up again.

  5. I have considered BlogJob but for the time being I am busy getting my own new blog established. I have joined the BlogJob Facebook Group though and it has been very useful in promoting my work. I may join BlogJob at some future date.

    1. Blogjob is currently closed to new members. I’m also having some second thoughts. I think you are wise to invest in your own blog first. How is HubPages treating you these days?

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