Do You Belong at Niume? A Review

Niume! Should You Dabble or Plunge In? Update

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What is Niume?

Niume is a relative newcomer to the social blogging world. Co-founders Francesco  Facca and Daniel Gennaouli pitch it as a social network based on interests. They say its purpose is to bring people who share common interests together. Site owners want to provide a level playing field for people who want to share their content. They commit to sharing revenue with the users for the content they provide. Users will earn $1 for every thousand views their posts generate.

Update, May 28, 2017: Niume has announced that they will stop paying. Before the end of 2017, Niume disappeared.

Niumi Has Many Spheres of Interest to Match Your Writing Interests
Click the image to join Niumi.

Niume currently has twenty spheres of interest. You need to sign up for at least three of them when you join. Each sphere has its own leaderboard to encourage people to be active in their spheres. Users also receive “hype” as readers view their posts and give them a thumbs up or favorite them. This adds to a user’s status. This status is earned separately in each sphere. Higher status leads to more visibility in a sphere. Commenting on the content of others also helps raise one’s status.

The Nitty Gritty of Niume

There is much to like about Niume. It is easy to find readers for your content. The guidelines don’t require more than five lines of text at this time. Most of the content I’ve seen so far is of higher quality than on many other similar sites. Competition within spheres for status motivate one to be active and participate.

There are also some things I think need improvement. The editor doesn’t work as it should, especially with regard to embedded links. Those getting started may find it hard to learn how to be successful on the site. Support is scattered between videos, a FAQ page, and a number of blog posts. It almost takes a treasure hunt and an email to find the answer to your particular question.

Will Niume Help You Reach Your Goals?

Will Niume Help You Reach Your Writing Goals
Click the image to join Niumi.

If your goal is to earn money, Niume can no longer help you there. They will no longer be paying.  In fact,

Niume may also help you find a wider audience for your content and help you promote your work on other sites. Affiliate links are against the guidelines, but you can link to your website or store as long as your links don’t appear to be clickbait and your post doesn’t come across as spam.

It is interesting that one of the reviews I read of Niume was in a post written in April,   2015.  I can’t find the post again to link to it, but it reviewed six other  revenue- sharing social sites in addition to Niumi. Two of them were Bubblews and Tsu, both of which are now gone.  I believe Niume has something in common with them — the ability to distract one from creating on one’s own domains.

It Takes Time to Make Niume Pay Off

I remember when we first discovered Bubblews. Many of us who were fairly successful on Squidoo and HubPages began to neglect those sites because they could not pay as much as Bubblews. We wrote and interacted on Bubblews as much as possible until it finally stopped paying us. Then we tried to pick up the pieces of our writing lives. By that time Squidoo was gone, too, and we needed to decide where to go next.

Many of us decided it was time to forget about writing new material on sites we didn’t own. Even when sites that showed promise, such as Blogbourne  wooed us, it was fairly easy to join, make a post or two, and come and go as we had time. It was easy to do the same on MyLot.

As on the Bubblews site, interaction is the key to gaining visibility. You need to raise your status to become more visible. You need to follow and find followers, write quality content, and read, give hype, and comment on the posts of others. You also need to promote your content. It takes time to gain the status you want, daily, and as time goes on.

Niume Can Tempt Bloggers to Neglect their Own Sites

Time you spend on Niume is fun. It’s competitive. It’s social. If you have your own blog, Niume may keep you from posting as often as you should. The amount of time we have is finite. Time spent on Niume will necessarily replace time spent somewhere else. Will you neglect another social media site like Facebook? Will you neglect one or more blogs? Will you give up another of the new third party content sites?

Today I was on Reddit and had to delete a post that I had moved from BlogJob to one of my own sites. I’m constantly having to delete pins and links from social media that lead to dead sites or sites I no longer use. I have to wonder if I will later have to remove links I made to newer third party sites like Niume. Time we invest into sites we own is an investment of  time that should continue to collect dividends in ad income and affiliate sales. What we post on third party sites, no matter how promising, can disappear at any time.

What Will You Do about Niume?

If you don’t want to own your own blogging sites, you might want to put your time and best effort into Niume.  It might mean less time to spend on other sites, but at least you will enjoy yourself. Just don’t count on Niume generating any income for you now.

Niume! Should You Dabble or Plunge In? Will Niume Help You Reach Your Writing Goals?

On the other hand, if you have your own blogging sites to maintain, Niume, may keep you away from them. It’s probably more important to concentrate on your self-hosted sites.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make an occasional visit to post and interact on Niume.  Everyone needs a change of pace.

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17 thoughts on “Niume! Should You Dabble or Plunge In? Update”

  1. Niume engañó a todos los usuarios y desapareció de la web dejando inútiles todos los post aportados por el colectivo de usuarios. Una porquería

    Niume deceived all the users and disappeared from the web leaving all the posts contributed by the user group useless. A crap

    1. I’m sorry you lost all your posts. I have learned now to always make copies of posts when I publish them. I have already republished many Niume posts on other sites such as Virily.

  2. Great review. I’ve been on Niume for more than a year but I don’t post for money. I joined mostly for my passion. I have a question though. I have a blog site in WordPress. I was thinking of copying my compositions I have on WordPress and post it on Niume. Do I need to delete my WordPress posts first before posting them on Niume? Thank you for any help.

    1. I thought I’d replied to this but I don’t see it, so I’ll do it again. I personally don’t think duplicating content is a good strategy, even though it’s allowed by Niume. I would repurpose your WordPress posts by using a lot of the same information with a different slant or perspective. That way, each post would be unique and each might reach a different audience.

  3. Signed up with Niume last year. Have yet to write a post because I have been working on my own sites. Decided to explore the site and determine if it will be a worthwhile energy, time and money investment for 2017. I never stop looking for ways to generate legitimate income, working from home. Thanks for this candid review.

    1. I really do like Niume, but I use it a bit like MyLot — to communicate with friends from other sites, to earn a few pennies while relaxing, and to keep writing when I’m not working on a blog post. I’ve been paid once and it will be a bit longer before I work there enough to get paid again. I wouldn’t be afraid to write there.

  4. In the four days that I have been blogging on Niume I have had 12000 reads, on my own blogs I get about 50 in four days. so for me I have had much more exposure through Niume than on my personal blogs.

    1. I’m also doing better than I expected there. I hope it lasts. I will stay active, but I am not ready to put all my eggs in that basket yet. I’m doing less on my own blogs than I did, but I will still keep them going.

  5. I encourage all writers to maintain their blogs and keep putting blog posts out. As well as posting on these paid to write sites. I see many folks only posting paid to write sites and neglecting their blogs. Than wonder why nobody is following their blogs when these paid to sites fade in the wind.

    1. The temptation is always there to do the easier thing that’s more fun, but in the long run that can lead to being left with nothing. You are right.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree. I haven’t posted much on Niume because my sites have to be the priority, but it can be a nice diversion (in moderation for me) or to support others.

    1. Exactly how I look it. Keeps me writing when I don’t feel up to a real blog post on one of my sites.

  7. Sounds like a pretty positive review. I think a smart marketer could leverage sites like Niume into some decent additional income, particularly if they use them to gain visits to their money-making sites. Clearly, especially in hindsight, putting all of one’s eggs into one basket is not a good thing. I can see Niume as a nice little basket on the side.

    1. I’m trying to use it that way now, but it’s very tempting to spend too much time there. Today I’m not well, so it may be one place I can do something productive that doesn’t require a lot of writing.

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