Comparing myLot, Bubblews, and Tsu

Review Comparing Bubblews, Tsu, and myLot

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MyLot Back in the Game

The online writing community is abuzz with conversation about the return of myLot with its former owners in charge again as a revenue sharing site. Back in 2013, myLot was a vibrant community that had a forum to discuss anything and everything that was on members’ minds, as long as it was G-rated. People made friends. People recruited friends. People earned a bit of money as they got to know each other. I found out about myLot through online friends.

Then, in the first part of 2013, myLot’s ownership changed hands and stopped sharing revenues. They also changed the way the forum looked, and changed the rules to allow the sharing of links from which members could profit, and the site became spammy. Some people continued to be active, but many people left or stopped using the site, hoping that the site might someday become what it had been once again.

The Brief Era of Bubblews in Social Blogging

Them, seemingly out of nowhere, Bubblews emerged, inviting people to write their worlds. It sounded wonderful. Arvind Dixit said that the people who created the content, the little people, should profit from their work, and that he would share the ad revenues with those who accepted the invitation to “share your world” in posts of only 400 characters.

Bubblews became known as a social blogging site. People were paid a penny each for the views, comments, and likes they got on their posts – a rate that far exceeded what those who wrote for Squidoo, HubPages, and many other revenue sharing sites paid their members. Word spreads fast. Everyone said no one could afford to keep paying those rates, but many decided to concentrate their efforts on Bubblews for the easy money while it lasted. This is especially true of those who felt homeless after what happened to myLot and Gather, another site which had suddenly closed. People swarmed from myLot to Bubblews and were delighted with the pay rate.

Review Comparing Bubblews, Tsu, and myLot


Then, at the end of 2014, Bubblews announced they were not going to pay their writers what they were owed. Some simply were denied payments they had earned and submitted for redemption before a certain date in November. Bubblews administrators announced they were out of money and could no longer pay the same rates. No announcement was made on how pay rates would be determined. Many people just quit. Bubblews closed its site before the end of 2015.


Tsu Emerged as a New Social Network

Then, suddenly, tsu made its debut. I never made money there and found it a bit too busy for me. Many were very happy there, but many also left because it wasn’t a good fit. I got less and less active there because I found it overwhelming. In August, 2016, the site went dark, and its founder stated that those who had reached the payment threshold of $100 could email him, and he would pay them.

The Return to MyLot


At myLot There is Always Someone to Talk To
There’s no excuse for being lonely at myLot.

Now myLot is back in the hands of the original owners and the site is sharing revenues again. Not only are former members who had migrated to Bubblews returning, but they are bringing new friends they were close to on Bubblews with them. They are bringing people who used to write for Squidoo and who still write for HubPages. The result will be a more diverse membership that in the past.

So how do Bubblews, tsu and myLot compare now? MyLot is the only one of the sites that has survived.

Review Comparing Bubblews, Tsu, and myLot


MyLot is full of people excited to be back. They are earning their daily few cents again, and they are happy that they can cash out after earning only $5 as opposed to the $50 on Bubblews or $100 on tsu. Some of the old perks people had to earn (like being able to copy and paste and use emoticons) are now available to all as soon as they join. The old star system that made some people earn more than others is now gone and everyone is equal. One earns with all activity – posting and getting interaction on a post, and commenting on the posts and responses of others.

This is unique in the online world. On myLot people get paid for all their interaction on a post, and this encourages the long discussions that myLotters love. There is no set length a comment has to be, so people don’t say anymore than they need to in order to make a point.

MyLot requires members to write in English. It does not, however require that the English is proficient and many posts and comments can be hard to understand for that reason. It’s a great place for those studying English who want to practice.  You can join myLot here to party with us. MyLot does not currently have a referral program.


Review Comparing Bubblews, Tsu, and MyLot over the Long Haul


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6 thoughts on “Review Comparing Bubblews, Tsu, and myLot”

  1. I shared many members art on tsu, but I found that most of them didn’t bother sharing the writing of us writers. Was that the case with you? Since being there, I’d hoped to find a program with which to manipulate my own photos and make them worthy of sharing by others. But, even though I’ve downloaded a couple of suggestions from friends, I’ve yet to check them out.

    Currently mylot is my home, with blogjob being second. I’m keeping my account with tsu, but not active there currently. I also have a handful of articles on hubpages and I’m surprised that even though I’m not posting anything new, nor am I there to interact at present, I’m still making residual income. It would behoove me to write more there, but I’d have to relearn the site and that all takes more time than I have at present.

    Huh, is this not a blogjob site? It’s asking for my login info, which I’ll provide and I’ve not a problem if it’s not. I thought that’s how I found this though.

    1. Marsha, I had this site before I knew BlogJob existed. I linked to it from a BlogJob blog. I had six blogs already going before I found BlogJob. I also have two HubPages accounts. I will be spending more time on BlogJob than on any of the other writing communities I belong to.

  2. I was on MyLot years ago and hadn’t thought about it in ages. Guess I’ll have to see if my account still exists. I’m trying hard to ignore all but the few sites I’ve been writing on recently (now mostly my own). It’s very hard to spread myself too thin. Appreciate these reviews, though!

    1. It is easy to get spread too thin. But it’s nice to make a few pennies just relaxing. MyLot is so easy, and I see people there I don’t see anywhere else.

  3. A very informative post Barb and a great comparison. I never wrote for Bubblews, but I did join so I could leave comments on my friend’s posts. I am a member at TSU, but always seem to forget to share there. I will say this, I always hate the big promises that never seem to pan out after we spend a ton of time and effort there.

    1. For me it’s all about keeping promises. A pay cut is one matter, and sometimes sites have to cut pay rates to be sustainable. To withhold earned payments is another matter entirely. Sharing at tsu does help. I do get traffic from there, even if I don’t earn much from the site itself.

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