Should You Blog at TinyCent?

Should You Blog at TinyCent?

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Don’t Set Your Hopes Too High for TinyCent

Is blogging at TinyCent worth your time and effort? My experience with TinyCent so far has not been encouraging. I tried to sign up for the purpose of reviewing the site,  but I haven’t been able to complete registration after two weeks of trying. This post will explain why I don’t have high hopes for this site.

If you have not yet signed up for TinyCent, I’d advise you not to. Better to stick with either Blogbourne or even Literacy Base, both of which I have reviewed more favorably. If you want an almost sure thing, stick with reliable (so far) MyLot. It does pay people, including me. TinyCent promises a penny a view, but Bubblews promised a lot, too, and even paid well for a while — just not to everyone who followed their rules.

The Sign-up Process Seemed Off

I have never yet joined a writing site that asked for my phone number. TinyCent requires it at sign-up. They say it’s so they can contact you about payment information and payouts. Some members confirm getting these calls and having satisfying conversations with the owner. However other sites pay me through PayPal, and they never have asked for my phone number. Why does TinyCent need it? Do they suspect possible fraudulent activity from some of their members?

I presume the reason TinyCent asks for a birth date is to verify age. I never like to give that information to sites without a long track record, but it is required to sign up.

The last step in signing up is to wait for a verification email so they know the email address you gave them is correct. I never got that email. So I have never been able to log in to write anything. Even after emailing Naveen  from that address and getting a reply and replying back, I have not been able to verify my registration.

TinyCent Support and TOS Seem Nonexistent

After not getting my verification email, I clicked the “contact us” link on the bottom of the login form.  See form below. Black label at bottom was not part of screen shot. I added my comment to it. I cropped off site logos so as not to violate copyright.

Should You Blog at TinyCent?
TinyCent Login Screen, cropped

TinyCentTerms of Service

As I write this update on August 29, 2016, those signing up to register for the site still cannot see the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy This is important, since you can’t sign up until you agree to them. All I can  find as an unregistered person is the page with FAQ.

If you look closely at the screen shot above, you will see what appears to be a link to the T&C (Terms and Conditions). If you click it, it goes straight to the home page and there are no terms and conditions in sight. There is no privacy policy that I can find, either. I later discovered it hidden in the T&C.) I have copied below what I found in a copy that a registered member sent me.

5. INFORMATION DISCLOSURE TinyCent reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, including personally identifiable information, or to edit, refuse to allow or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in TinyCent sole discretion. In the course of using the Site, you may be required to enter certain information, including without limitation personal information. You represent and warrant that you will provide TinyCent with full, true and correct Information, and to update such Information on the Site promptly as reasonably necessary and as required by the Site.

Where is TinyCent Support?

In the screen shot above you will also notice a “Contact Us” link. If you click it,  you will again land on the home page with no contact form in sight. It seems all links except the FAQ, site map, and Social Media links lead back to the home page. The site map link leads to a page of XML code. The social media pages don’t offer more than a better looking presentation of what’s on the site’s home page.

The fact remains that it is almost impossible to reach tech support if you aren’t a member. I have heard it’s just as hard if you are a member.  I was going to delay writing this review until I could register and write something on the site, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to complete that registration. Maybe they aren’t letting anyone register anymore, but I don’t know that.

I was finally able to contact the site owner through WHO IS information. You can see that WHO IS information here. 

Naveen Srinivas, the founder of TinyCent, seemed happy to hear from me and implement my suggestions for making the Privacy Policy and T&C more visible to outsiders. That was over  38 hours ago. None of the issues with my registration have been resolved yet. I still can’t log in. I haven’t heard any more from Naveen.

In any case, I’m no longer interested in joining. I’ve seen enough  from the outside to convince me that joining would probably be a poor investment of my time and effort.

Will TinyCent Pay its Writers As Promised?

Will TinyCent Pay its Writers As Promised?
Pennies, Photo in Public Domain Courtesy of Pixabay

Remember Bubblews? For a long time most of the writers got paid, and then some didn’t, and finally no one got paid anymore.  TinyCent has paid some people I know at least once. Others are still waiting for payments they have earned. Meanwhile, we can apply some of the lessons learned from the fall of Bubblews to other sites, such  TinyCent.

I just checked for information on TinyCent, and it should help you see how much income the site may be making from ads. They estimate ad income at $4 daily as of today, August 27, 2016.  I also  checked their evaluation of my newest site,  A California Life. WebValueCheck estimates the income of my site from ads at a dollar a day. The truth is that site’s  income is closer to a dollar a month. So they may have also overestimated TinyCent’s income by quite a bit. I also checked SiteWorth, and its report may be of interest to you, since it contains a lot of data that may affect site income. It shows TinyCent earning less than WebValueCheck shows.

If TinyCent plans to pay people from ad income, I wouldn’t hold my breath  waiting for payment. It can only pay from money that is has or borrows. Of course, it may have other income sources we can’t know about.  The site will have to start making more income, though, to continue to pay the rates stated. Of course, the T&C state that TinyCent can reduce or eliminate compensation at any time — just as Bubblews did before it died and as BlogJob did in May, 2016.

Should You Blog at TinyCent?

My Advice Concerning TinyCent

If you have not signed up yet, don’t. I may be wrong, but why risk it when other new sites may be more worth taking a chance on? So far the site does not comply with the rule  that it must have a  visible Privacy Policy in a prominent place that visitors can see easily. This is something even most beginning bloggers know they have to have. Although Naveen seems eager to make the site compliant, so far it hasn’t happened.

If you are already writing on TinyCent, I wouldn’t invest too much more time into it. You will probably be disappointed, and I doubt if you will get paid too many times. I don’t expect the site to last very long. For the sake of Naveen and the active members, I hope I’m wrong. If I see evidence that my concerns have been addressed, I will update this post.

If anyone has a different opinion and some experience to back it up, I welcome your comments below. If you aren’t a registered member, do you think you want to become one? Why or why not?

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20 thoughts on “Should You Blog at TinyCent?”

  1. I think I’d be extremely cautious about a site with the problems that you mentioned. Sounds like they’re collecting too much personal information. That would be a red flag to me. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I agree, Susan. Even if the site does begin by paying as promised and paying well, I don’t want to invest more time in a site that may eventually close down. I’m tired of moving work from site to site.

  2. I can’t keep up with writing where I do, so won’t sign up with this group at all. Thanks Barbara for letting me know how you feel.

  3. Well, you have certainly pointed out some excellent reasons to avoid TinyCent. It seems like there are new writing sites popping up every day and going belly up quickly. I really don’t wish to give my personal information out to so many “uncertain” sites. Thank you for the heads up! I am sure you will save a lot of us grief.

  4. Thank you for this review Barb. I just started with the site and posted 3. I haved shared one hoping to get more views. Another thing is TinyCent is asking for bank account information which I never gave to other sites that paid me. I don’t like to provide my bank account information online. I won’t. Thank you again.

    1. I would be hesitant to give that information, too. As it turns out, I still can’t even log in, so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

  5. From the time I first looked at TinyCent I was reluctant to trust the site but I was curious enough to follow a discussion about it at ForumCoin. Initially there was a lot of excitement and members were getting paid, but as you suggested the money seems to have dried up and lately all I see is complaints.

    Even worse the site is full of pop-up ads which make me feel unsafe when I visit it, and without blocking all the ads on the site I was unable to see the content of the posts I opened. Even the register button now leads to the home page so it appears they’re no longer accepting new members.

    Like you I’m really glad I never joined TinyCent.

    1. Gina, I really appreciate this update. I was never able to complete my attempted registration. I wasn’t crazy to join anyway, since so many new sites were springing up at the same time. Niumi is a much better fit for me.

      1. Niume definitely looks like a much more professional site. It was the rates that TinyCent was offering which sounded tempting, but after our experience at Bubblews it was obvious that those rates weren’t sustainable.

        I’ve mainly been concentrating on my blog, but I plan to find a bit of time for Niume and see if the site works for me.

        1. I’m also concentrating on my blogs, but it’s hard when I have so much else going on, and Niume is just so easy mentally. It would be great for you because you are also a photographer. It’s great for sharing your photos and explaining them or telling the story of why you took them. I love it for photo essays.

          1. I’m hoping to try writing a few of those. What’s held me back so far has been my second (rather unsuccessful) blog as well as a photo site called ClickASnap but I really need to find time for both sites. I’ve pretty much abandoned the blog for now though.

          2. How is ClickASnap working for you? I opened an account and uploaded a couple of photos there, but haven’t had time to go back. I enjoy Niume more. It’s my relax place when I’m too tired to work on my own blogs.

          3. I think it’s necessary to spend a lot of time interacting at ClickASnap if one wants to do well there. If I don’t have time to interact I seem to get very few views when I upload something new. I seem to be getting more views at Niume with less effort, so that more than compensates for the lower rate per 1000 views.

            On the other hand there are some fantastic photos at ClickASnap and they’re planning to allow members to sell photos so I’m hopeful it will improve for me. I’ve also come across some useful tips on photography and editing there when I’ve had the time to look.

            What I desperately need is to learn how to manage my time better so that I can get the most out of both sites and my blog.

          4. I wish you the best at ClipASnap. I just don’t have the time for it. There’s only so much any of us can do and we have to pick and choose what seems to work best for us.

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