Sold Out: Checklist for Exiting Squidoo

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After spending almost five years as a Giant Squid at Squidoo, like all other Squidoo writers, I’ve found my featured lenses are to be switched to HubPages. Once there, we will have an as yet unstated period of time to bring them into conformity with HubPage’s own Terms of Service.  For Giant Squids that will be a harder task, since we have had more freedom to link outside the site than other Squids.

Since several tasks need to be completed in the next two weeks, I thought I’d make myself a checklist. I’m sharing it with you in case you might also find it useful.

  1. Make new backup copies all all lenses I care about.
  2. Delete any lenses I don’t want to transfer to HubPages from Squidoo.
  3. Complete setting up my HubPages account for BarbRad, since I can’t use my already existing HubPages account as WannaB Writer for the transferred lenses. They have to have their own account.
  4. Edit existing hubs, blogs, and other pieces of work that dealt with information on how to use Squidoo, etc., that will no longer be applicable.
  5.  Change links to the transferred articles as soon as possible.
  6. Start editing the transferring and already transferred lenses into conforming hubs.
  7. Move any lenses I don’t want on HubPages to new homes that suit them better or just kiss them goodbye.
  8. Breathe again.

Have I left off anything I should add to this list?

Meanwhile, if you want a new home for lenses that don’t have affiliate links, you might consider Persona Paper. It is a friendly and welcoming community, but they don’t allow any affiliate links in your articles there.

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2 thoughts on “Sold Out: Checklist for Exiting Squidoo”

  1. Thanks for this checklist Barb. It gives me a starting place instead of just spinning in circles from the shock of squidoo leaving. Since I write on Hubpages too, and at blogger, I am in for the long haul. Ruby H Rose is my Hubpages name and was my squidoo name, now MJ Martin will be the hubber deciding where to go from here.

    1. Sorry to be so tardy in replying. I have been too busy on HubPages and Persona Paper to get over here much. I’m glad this helped you. I’ll have to look up MJ Martin. Thanks for paying me a visit here.

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