The Soul Lives by What It Feeds On


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Life is complex.

Life is complex. Every  part relates to every other part. One cannot just put each part of one’s life in a separate box. My writing life is affected  by very other part of life. It’s hard to write if one does not have health and the necessities of life — food, shelter, etc. Articles  that relate to those parts of life will be under the Body tab.

Writing that reflects on faith and spiritual things will be found under the Spirit tab. Everything else is under this tab — Soul.

The Soul Lives by What It Feeds On

The soul  deals  with thinking and behavior, the intellect. It is closely related to the spirit, which is the part of us that relates to God.

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Soul deals with conversation, communication, friendship, family life, ideas, and emotions. A soul thinks, feels, communicates with others, loves, hates, grieves, and nurtures.

I will be sharing parts of my soul’s journey on these pages as I’ve walked through the joys and sorrows of life.

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I write what I am; I am what I write