The Bubblews Bubble Has Finally Burst

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Soap Bubbles, CCO, public domain.
Soap Bubbles, CCO, public domain.

After three years, Bubblews has shut down. A visit to the site shows  only a brief announcement that Bubblews  can no longer stay in business with  what they earn from the ads they  show.  I’m not surprised. I expected it. That’s  why I haven’t wasted any more time there since the beginning of the year.

If you  wrote on Bubblews and don’t know how to find your Bubblews friends, I suggest you go to myLot. Many people found their way to Bubblews when  the old version of myLot stopped  paying. Most of them have returned since it came  back under the original ownership and started paying again. I noticed many new people there  from Bubblews today. Connect with me at myLot and you’ll find most of the old timers among my friends. Just click on their profiles to  follow them and get acquainted fast.

MyLot pays a few pennies a day  just for interacting with  other myLotters in the discussions that interest you. You can also  start your own discussions. It’s an easy site to visit and relax with friends while  watching your pennies add up. For more information on using myLot, be sure to read the blog post by @owlwings,  one of the most knowledgeable members. You will   also want to  follow him.

How do you feel about the demise of Bubblews? I think I’m relieved that I no longer have to worry about deleting my posts one my  one. I lost almost  $20 in unpaid earnings, but many lost more than I did. Now I’m wondering which will be the next site to close.

I just revised my Hub that Reviews Bubblews to reflect on what we can learn from what happened there: What Can We Learn from the Fall of Bubblews?

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8 thoughts on “The Bubblews Bubble Has Finally Burst”

  1. This is a second article I read today about Bubblews finally shutting down with mentions about myLot paying again. Still a member there and it’s good news.

    1. I really appreciate that if you remained a member you can pick up right where you left off. Your old posts are still there and being suggested to people in the right sidebar when related to a post someone is reading.

  2. I lost the payout when they decided not to pay people in January, and now another $16.00. But the earnings were so painstakingly slow I only visited to talk to friends. It’s almost a relief that it’s over now as, like you, I kept expecting it. In a way though they were a writing site Pioneer and could have been so successful had they been more careful!

    1. True, but they weren’t careful. I’m just glad I didn’t lose more than I did. Letting so many dangle as they did, hoping to get paid, was criminal, at least in my mind.

      1. It only is a case, when people make them accountable. Unfortunately, very few were ever willing to take them to task, so they continued to get away with their disgusting behavior. It is a shame there are people who have no scruples.

        1. Coral, I think they had everyone afraid to take action who still hoped that if they hung in there long enough they might still get what was owed them. “Hope springs eternal in the human breast; man never is, but always to be blessed.” (with apologies to A. Pope for any mistakes in this quote.)

  3. So very sorry for all those who lost access to their articles. Frankly, it doesn’t surprise me that the site couldn’t sustain themselves with the type of business model they had. I’m glad for those who saw the handwriting on the wall and moved their online real estate elsewhere.

    1. I think one’s head would have needed to be in the sand not to see what was coming after the announcements about the changes last December. I am sorry for those who stuck it out hoping it would help them finally get paid. I understand their reasoning, and I was almost tempted to stick it out until I had enough to try another redemption. Then my reason won out. It just wasn’t worth the time and effort that could be spent in more productive places when I was pretty sure the site would fold before I could get redeem again.

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