Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me

Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me

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What Is Virily?

After Niume closed, many of my friends joined Virily and convinced me to join. Facebook sharing groups were suddenly flooded with Virily posts. Everyone seemed to be talking about or posting to Virily. I finally decided to join and discovered I’d already joined four months before and forgotten about it. I guess after my accident in June I didn’t have time to really get active. Or maybe the site didn’t appeal to me any more then than it does now.

Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me: A Review of the Virily Social Blogging Site
Share Content at Virily and Earn Virils. Click image to join

Virily is a social site that gives you “Virils”for different kinds of participation. The Viril points you earn will convert to dollar amounts when they reach the level needed for a payout — $10 for PayPal, and $100 if you prefer a bank transfer.

Members of Virily post original stories, lists, photos, quizzes, and other content they want to share.  Other members view that content, comment on it, and share it to social media. They can also interact by voting content up and down.  Non-members may view content, but they can’t comment on it or post anything themselves.  You can join Virily and join the conversation here. 

Because they can earn Virils for almost everything they do on the site, members tend to interact with the content of others a lot. Both those who make the posts and those who interact with them earn Virils. Comments need to be at least 20 characters long to prevent the repetitious “Nice post” type comments that were prevalent before this rule was instituted.  I think they should make it 30 characters. I still see people trying to game the system.


What I Like about Virily

Most active members do try to play fair.

Many Virily members are also members of more established sites and/or have blogs of their own. They post interesting content and make intelligent comments on the posts of others. They have their reputations to maintain and are trying to make more contacts with a wider audience.

Others enjoy keeping up with old friends who moved to Virily after Niume closed.  I’m finding people at Virily I first met on Tsu or Bubblews, as well. I’m  also meeting many new people.

I find Virily relaxing when I have time for it. The problem is that I have too many of my own sites to post to, as well as more established third party sites such as HubPages.  I can only visit Virily when it doesn’t mean neglecting those sites.  But I do find some good conversations to get into on Virily. Yesterday one of them was on this post: Are Panhandlers Swindling Us?   I got really involved in commenting on that one.


There Is Lots of Interaction and Motivation to be Active

Members do get Virils for sharing content and commenting on what others post. They get even more Virils for posting content and recruiting new members. Who wouldn’t want to earn more Virils to reach a payout faster?

If Virils aren’t motivating enough, members see badges appearing on their profiles when they have performed a required amount of actions the site rewards. These include recruiting new members, referring visitors to the site, posting content, commenting on the posts of others, viewing the content of others, and logging onto the site regularly.

Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me: A Review of the Virily Social Blogging Site
Screen shot of the part of my Virily profile that shows the few badges I’ve earned so far.


Some Things I Don’t Like as Much about Virily

Documentation is Sketchy

Writing at Virily is experimental until you understand what each kind of post actually does.  The instructions for the different kinds of acceptable posts are sparse. The Frequently Asked Questions don’t include most of mine.

Here’s an example. Among the post options are three different kinds of lists where it’s stated underneath that you can vote the items up or down. There is also a gallery, for which the only description is “a collection of images.” This is what I submitted as a gallery: Autumn Roses.

Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me: A Review of the Virily Social Blogging Site
An October Rose, © B. Radisavljevic

The form I had to use was confusing. First they ask for an  intro photo. There was a place under that for me to write a general introduction to my photo gallery. So far so good. Then they repeated my intro photo as the first photo in the gallery. I wrote something about that specific photo under it. As I added each photo I presented each rose with specific personality characteristics, each photo with a transition to the next in a logical order. Then I submitted it.

Ooops! When I looked at my gallery the photos were out of the order I’d put them in and the story line no longer made sense. So I chatted up the person responding to the chat button for help. She said I should have submitted my photo essay as a story, since people could vote the gallery photos up and down, thus taking them out of the order I had put them in. So, why was there no explanation of that before I posted? I can’t go back and edit because of another thing I don’t like.

You Have to Wait for Approval Before Publication

Once you submit a post for publication, you wait for someone to approve it. I really hate that, especially since most of the documentation that exists on the site isn’t in perfect standard English and I wonder who is deciding if my post is good enough to publish. So far I’ve had no problem. I think they are more concerned that you follow rules about documentation and acceptable content.

If You Want to Edit Something Already Published, You Can’t

If a typo gets by me and gets published, I can’t edit it without contacting support and getting support to do it for me. I’m pretty independent, so that bugs me. I know they do it to protect themselves against people adding things against the rules after the post has been approved. I don’t blame them, but I hate being treated as untrustworthy.

This also is an issue if you need to update something in a post that is now obsolete or can be supplemented with new information.

Note: When I wrote what’s above I hadn’t watched the help videos yet because I don’t learn  well that way. I did it today, and I guess there is an explanation in the video about galleries and voting up and down. I prefer help files  I can read. 

Help Is Often Very Slow.

Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me: A Review of the Virily Social Blogging Site
Sometimes there is a long wait for answers from Chat

The first time I talked to chat the agent was very responsive and it was almost instant. Tonight I was writing a post I wanted to submit tonight. I decided to switch my own intro photo for one from Pixabay I thought was more appropriate. Unlike all the other photos I can embed, there is nowhere I can see to put the link to my source on the intro photo. It doesn’t have the same icons for source and alternate text as all the photos you can embed.

This left me wondering if it’s against the rules to use any but an original photo as an intro photo. Or maybe you don’t have to source that one. If it’s against the rules, I would need to find something of my own somewhere. Otherwise they might not accept what I’ve spent an hour working on.

I waited about four hours for the chat person to answer my question. While I was waiting the only response I got was to tell me that it may be a few minutes and to ask if I’d like to play a game while I wait. I declined. I worked on writing this, instead. In all fairness, there is a time difference. It appears I live on the wrong side of the world to get immediate chat assistance. The agent appeared about 1 am Pacific time, and then she was very responsive and quickly answered my questions. The intro image doesn’t have to have the source documented, in case you wanted to know.

Maybe I’m so dumb I need more instructions than others, but I don’t really think that’s the problem. The problem is that I’m constantly wondering how to do something properly. The FAQ rarely address my issues. As far as I know, this doesn’t bother other Virily writers.


Why I Hesitate to Get Really Active on Virily

  • It’s addictive: I’m competitive and find myself wanting to get on the Leaderboard or get a higher rank than Newbie. Oh, I just discovered I’ve graduated to Skyrocket, whatever that means. There is no explanation I can find of what causes one’s rank to go up. If I click on Rank on the menu I see only the highest fifty members and their positions and points. I don’t have enough points to get there yet. It’s easy to get caught up in trying. It would be fun if I were convinced it was a worthwhile investment of time.
  • I don’t expect Virily to last very long in Internet time: With its Viril reward system rewarding so many actions besides actual writing, I don’t see how it will make enough money to last longer than Bubblews, Niume, Tsu, Squidoo, Blogjob, Persona Paper and other social blogging sites that are now history or have stopped paying contributors.
  • I might still enjoy Virily, but I don’t have a lot of free time to invest in third-party sites.  I’ll be lucky if I get a first payout before Virly closes down, but I may be wrong. I consider Virily more recreation than income-producing.

If you think you might enjoy sharing posts on Virily or commenting on those of your friends, please click this link or the image below to join Virily. 

Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me: A Review of the Virily Social Blogging Site


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19 thoughts on “Virily, Virily, They Said Unto Me”

  1. Sadly, virily is full of errors and unfairness. Some users can have almost instant approval while some have to wait up to a week. Admin is unresponsive to all problems.

    1. I have stopped being active on Virily. All my active writing time goes to my blog posts and to my newest writing site, Medium. Medium has a long history compared to many other content sites. I’ve been a member since 2016, but they never started providing a way to pay their contributors until the last year or so. I just became active again a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be posting my evaluation of the opportunities on the site soon.

  2. Wow this is very interesting to me, thanks for sharing! I also appreciate that you added the cons on top of the pros. Will definitely click and check it out when I get home on my computer!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. As to the pros and cons, I believe in telling the truth as I see it.

  3. My main objection to Virily was when they removed the attribution I’d put in for a Wikimedia Commons photo I used. If the owner of that photo objects to the lack of required attribution, who will be to blame?

    Although I log in almost every day I very rarely publish anything there. I guess like you I’m not expecting the site to survive very long. I hope we’re wrong.

    1. I would love to be wrong, but I see the same problems that plagued Bubblews. More than one member with nothing published yet is copying the previous comment when making a comment on a post. Maybe they will change one word. I report it when I see it. People like this are leeches who take from site income and offer little value to the site with copied or pasted comments. There are wonderful people posting there with good information and thoughtful posts, and then there are those that make photo lists with photos that aren’t theirs that are gotten from URL’s not theirs. Others keep to the spirit of the rules and post original photos, some of which may be hosted elsewhere.

      1. That sounds very familiar. I haven’t spent enough time at Virily to notice that it was happening, but I guess those people will try any new site that comes along.

        1. I think those people plague any new site. I haven’t seen this at Clickasnap yet. I really love sharing photos with other photographers at all levels there and getting paid for the views. Most people leave intelligent comments if they bother to leave a comment. I got active there again about a week ago, and really enjoy the interaction and seeing the work of good photographers.

  4. I agree with your (and Nancy’s) assessment of Virily – a flash in the pan which will, in the not-too-distant-future, go the way of the Dodo. The only site of this type which seems to be doing OK is MyLot. I no longer have any interest in writing for such sites and simply do my own thing when I feel the urge.

    1. I think that’s a good way to look at it. MyLot doesn’t promise to pay per view or comment or whatever and box itself into bankruptcy. It let’s people be themselves within reason and enjoy talking to each other. What’s not to like?

  5. I joined other groups in the past just to comment on the posts of friends. But I won’t do that again because those sites didn’t last long enough for my comments to do any good. I suspect Virily will be the same, especially from what you say in your article. Barbara, this is exactly what someone asked about in TWD recently. Thanks so much for writing this.

    1. I guessed I missed that question in TWD in the midst of everything else going on. I hope whoever asks finds this there. You are another one who is too busy to waste time spinning wheels. We can’t really be sure of any site we don’t own. And that reminds me that I should do another export of my blogger sites to back them up. I don’t really own those, either.

  6. I’m at Virily but it did take convincing to get me there. I have a vegan friend who shares some of the prettiest food pics and fabulous recipes. I couldn’t resist. I had to join. I earned 3 badges and I’m like “What did I do?” (O.o) What I really like about this site? The site owners talk to you. Yeah! Have a question? Guess what! Real people answer you back! That says a lot about a site. However, like you, I could be more active but I’m not because I am also working hard, fast and furious on my own websites and blogs. But it is fun to pop in and out. I sign in every day just to earn 10 virilis, if nothing else.

  7. Hi Barb,
    1. As you know, I’ve been happy there. I wish I had more time to write there but I’m having a busy few weeks. I feel it’s a nice alternative to Medium.
    2. I always get instant help.
    3. I have only waited 1 day for approval.
    4. There is a place to put in a graphic link to upload that way.
    Thanks for telling people about the site.

    1. Janice, I’ve never had to wait long for approval after the first couple of posts. My lastest chat questions are backed up for almost 24 hours, even though I still see Natalie’s picture at the bottom. Maybe my questions are too complex. One of those questions concerns the meaning of ranks when you aren’t on the leaderboard yet. What’s the difference between a newbie, a skyrocket, a rising star? How is someone with no profile photo and no posts a rising star while I’m a skyrocket with several posts and a complete profile? That last sentence wasn’t part of the question. Other questions were more complicated ones maybe no one cares about but me, such as which size photos the share button selects for Pinterest and whether they should allow the user to decide on the proper image to choose instead of the button. Perhaps I’m too much like my lawyer friend who flunked the written test for her driver’s license the first time during a renewal because she analyzed the questions too carefully.

  8. Like you, my time is limited and I am spending time on my own sites. Also, like you, I have grown disappointed in writing sites going by the wayside and just don’t want to have to move more stuff yet again.

    1. That’s how I feel. I join some new sites so I can review them and, as in the case of Virily, so I can comment on my friends’ posts and post a few things I wouldn’t elsewhere when I have time to relax. I doubt if I’ll ever do enough there to reach payout because I’m still moving or revising sleeping hubs.

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