Why It's Important for Affiliate Marketers to Self-Host WordPress Sites

Why It’s Important for Affiliate Marketers to Self-Host WordPress Sites

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Do You Want to Blog for Money?

It’s very tempting for affiliate marketers to take advantage of “free” blogging platforms such as BlogJob or revenue sharing sites using a WordPress interface. These platforms have their advantages and many of us have used them with varying results. BlogJob is great if you want to be in a community situation and be able to earn with social activity as well as your blogs. If you are a serious affiliate marketing blogger, who wants control over the monetizing options and how your blog looks, it’s important to self-host your WordPress site. 

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Advertising Options

I have six blogs on BlogJob. I wanted to try some different themes that were new to me. I chose the Arcade Basic theme for my blog Trees in My World (now deleted) because I wanted to feature a lot of photos and I liked the large photo header. What I could not predict when writing my posts was what would happen when BlogJob’s placed their Adsense ads on my blog. Here’s what did happen.

Why It's Important to Self-Host Your WordPress Site
BlogJob Placed Ad Covering my Text

As you can see, the ad is covering my text — not something readers will appreciate. It makes me look bad and most readers will just click away, increasing my bounce rate..

I only discovered this was happening again when I was about to promote the page. These ads are pesky because when you are writing your post, you have no idea where they will appear and what form they will take. They don’t show up until someone is actually reading the post. This only has happened when I’ve been using this theme. In all fairness, the administration fixed this for me once, but the site just had a major update and it’s broken again.

When you self-host, you place all the ads. You don’t have to put one in the middle of your post if you don’t want the flow interrupted. You don’t have to worry about ads that will compete for clicks on the products you are linking to yourself. I remember times on revenue sharing sites when I was promoting certain Zazzle products and the same products would also appear in the ads to the right, competing for clicks and commission.

When you self-host, you  don’t have to worry about nasty or questionable ads being placed by your host that you would never approve or want your readers to see. (In all fairness, BlogJob has never placed ads I was ashamed of. ) You have full control in Google’s interface over what ads you do and don’t want to see when you host a site yourself.

Third Party Display Aids

Affiliate marketers want to make their products look attractive on their pages. Some like to use Amazon’s Native Ads. I like to use Easy Product Displays. It’s a very reasonable paid service that lets you easily build attractive displays of affiliate products.

I’m still on the basic plan that lets me search Amazon and Zazzle, my two main affiliate programs. It costs a bit more to include Share-a-Sale. You can choose between several layouts to find the best fit for your page, preview it, and switch products around in the display until you get it just right. Then you copy the code and put it in the text view of your page where you want it.  Here’s an example of a display I just built. (Disclaimer: I chose these books at random because they looked interesting to me.)

 Blogging For Dummies How To Make Money Blogging: How I Replaced My Day Job With My Blog Affiliate Marketing: How to make money and create an income How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business


There are ways I could adjust this display in the code to make the Amazon buttons line up more evenly, but that isn’t the primary focus of this post. You can display only one product or more than fifteen, if you please, in different sizes or in rows of two, three, and four products. It’s fun to play with it before you get your code.

I cannot use this display in BlogJob because of code conflicts. Amazon Native ads also have to replace one of your Adsense ads at BlogJob. I discovered today I can’t even display the normal text/image ad from Amazon there. I have no control over how the code is written. BlogJob pays the bills and they get to call the shots. They have to make money, too, but if you want control you need to self-host.

Full Control of Affiliate Products Promoted

So far, BlogJob has not limited how many products I may promote per post, only how they are displayed. Revenue sharing sites like HubPages are the most controlling when it comes to this. I hate having robots decide where affiliate links can be placed and how many. Anyone using HubPages will understand what I mean. That is one reason why affiliate marketers are leaving HubPages to self-host. Many who have done that are making much more money after moving their posts to self-hosted sites than they ever did on HubPages.

If You Are Serious about Monetizing, Self-Host

If you are starting from scratch with self-hosted WordPress, I recommend you spend the small amount of money it takes to purchase the course that will show you how to set it up correctly to make money and get traffic. It’s called Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day, and I have purchased it myself.  I thought I knew plenty already since I had been using self-hosted WordPress for years. After getting this course, I was surprised to learn how much I didn’t know yet.

I recommend you host with SiteGround. I have moved my main site there.  Here’s why.


If you want to blog mainly for personal satisfaction or you don’t care if you make money with your blog, go ahead and join BlogJob.  You can still make a bit of money there — probably faster than on HubPages — while enjoying the community aspects of the site and participating in forums. Just keep in mind that if you want to start seriously monetizing a blog to make a business of blogging, you will get much better results if you self-host. 

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Why It's Important for Affiliate Marketers to Self-Host WordPress Sites


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15 thoughts on “Why It’s Important for Affiliate Marketers to Self-Host WordPress Sites”

    1. Thanks for the information. Maybe when I have more funds and more time to devote to Zazzle I’ll give it a try. Right now there’s already too much on my plate.

    1. You need a domain name ready before you sign up for hosting. If you start a site a SiteGround, I believe you will get your domain name free with them. Just think about it first so you’ll know what domain name to ask for. It should have your main keyword for your site in it. Click one of the banner links to SiteGround in my sidebar with the 50% off sale. This is a great time to buy.

  1. I’m doing a lot better with my self-hosted blogs than with the articles I still have on HubPages. I do get money from HubPages several times throughout the year, but not monthly. I’ve never posted to Blog Job.

    1. I’m just getting started with self-hosted blogs, and I’m hoping to build them to where they are better than HubPages. Right now their combined power is about equal to HubPages, but I wrote so many posts before I started with PJ Affiliates. Now that I’m starting to apply what I’m learning there, I’m starting to make more from my blogs. Someone like you does not need a site like BlogJob. You do well self-hosting and probably don’t have time for anymore networking than you are already doing.

  2. WordPress is as easy as Blogger and I love the fact that they have a plugin for almost anything a blogger can ever need. I agree with you, self hosting is the way to go. I say this while I’m reminded of a time when Squidoo locked 30 lenses of mine with a day. All the hard work was gone.

    1. I still like a lot of things about Blogger, but I think we all learned our lesson about third party sites at Squidoo. I’m glad I saved the most important lenses. Some became hubs and I can unpublish them when I’m getting ready to update and move them. That way they are still handy to copy while they prove I published them first if anyone has copied them.

    1. Nothing makes me more frustrated than trying to read a post and have a pop-up blocking what I’m trying to read. I ‘m also not very fond of the ads that pop up with article links “before you leave” when you’re just wanting to get to the comment box.

  3. You remind me that I really do need to bite the bullet and learn WordPress! Right now I have a couple of free blogs hosted by Blogger and a domain I pay for, hosted on blogger. I am no longer writing for the “farms” these days.

    1. WordPress isn’t hard, just different. My two main blogs are also still on blogger. I still have a lot left to transfer from HubPages.

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